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Harshini By Jennifer Fallon
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about HarshiniIn the third book of this bestselling trilogy, Medalon has surrendered to Karien and Tarja is once more an outlaw. The Defenders are scattered and their only hope for aid is Damin Wolfblade and the vast army of Hythria. But Damin has his own problems. The High Prince is dead and he must fight off a usurper to secure his throne and life the siege on his capital, before he can think of aiding Medalon. For R'shiel time is running out. She must defeat Xaphista soon or the Harshini will be destroyed; she must find a way to weaken the Overlord's growing power; to bring peace to the divided southern nations; to free Medalon from Karien occupation and to find the strength to finally put an end to Loclon. R'shiel has no idea how to defeat a God and with all the demands on her she is no longer sure that she has enough time to save anyone. Questions for discussion 1. Tarja wakes to find the geas that made him love R'shiel no longer in place. Why is his reaction so ambivalent? 2. R'shiel realises she cannot face Xaphista head on, but must find a more subtle way of breaking his power? What does she use and why is it so effective? 3. Damin decides to let the son of his enemy live, to be raised in the house of Tejat Lionsclaw. Why does he do this? 4. Why is it so important to Brak that Damin Wolfblade believes Mikel is dead, and why does he go to such trouble to prevent Damin from striking the killing blow? 5. Discuss the changes likely to happen in the Citadel with the return of the Harshini. 6. With the disbursement of the Sisterhood, Garet Warner wishes to give Medalon a democratic government. Discuss some of the problems likely to arise during this period. 7. In the end, R'shiel chooses not to kill Loclon, but to let him live on the Isle of Slarn. Is this a fitting punishment? 8. Shananara offers to place Harshini advisors in the courts of each ruler, to prevent further war. How would this affect each nation? 9. When the story ends, R'shiel plans to retrieve Mikel from the God of Music. What do you think the boy's reaction would be to all that has happened to him? 10. Will Death release Brak?

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