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Mr. Shakespeare's Bastard By Richard B Wright
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Mr. Shakespeare's Bastard

1. How did Aerlene and Elizabeth rebel against their family's beliefs? How did this lead to their freedom? 2. How does the world of England in the 1500's that Wright creates seem a world we can relate to? 3. How did Wright use history to shape the story of Mr Shakespeare's Bastard? 4. Wright endeavored to make the language sound true and original to the times rather than quaint and artificial. Does he succeed? 5. How does the author work Shakespearean themes into the novel? 6. In what ways are Aerlene, Elizabeth and Charlotte all trapped by their circumstance and sex? 7. What was the most interesting thing you learnt about Shakespeare's life after reading this novel? 8. How successful was the author in writing from a woman's point of view? 9. How much of Shakespeare's life influenced his work? How much of his work has influenced our culture and ideas on romantic love? In what way?

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