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The Best-Kept Secret By Kimberla Lawson Roby
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The Best-Kept Secret


At the request of her readers, Kim Roby is giving another airing to one of her most popular characters, Curtis Black, who was introduced in Casting the First Stone and who continued his escapades in Too Much of a Good Thing. Who can get enough of the Reverend Curtis Black, that self-justifying, greedy, womanizing flimflam man who is one of the biggest rascals ever to step into a church? In this outing, Curtis is starting over. He has a new job and a new wife, and of course he's convinced himself that this time he'll be good. But Curtis hasn't ever made a promise he could keep, and before long, he's up to his old tricks. The difference now is his third wife. She's unlike any woman Curtis has met before. And for the first time in his life, Curtis just might have met his match.

Questions for Discussion

1. Were you surprised that Curtis was finally making a conscious effort toward being faithful to his new wife and his ministry

2. After reading about Charlotte in Too Much of a Good Thing, did you expect her to end up almost as scandalous as Curtis—specifically in the end?

3. As you were reading, did you find yourself no longer despising Curtis, but maybe feeling a touch of sympathy for him?

4. Is it your opinion that Curtis would have remained faithful to Charlotte forever, had she not turned out to be so deceptive?

5. What were your feelings when you discovered that Curtis's paternity, regarding Matthew was questionable?

6. Do you feel that Anise was justified in cutting off Charlotte completely?

7. How did you feel about Charlotte when you learned that she was pregnant and was considering an abortion?

8. In Casting the First Stone and Too Much of a Good Thing, Curtis was an example of many true-life ministers in this country, but do you know of any first-ladies who remind you of Charlotte? Both in the way she worshiped money and status and her act of adultery?

9. Over a period of time, do you think that Curtis will eventually learn the truth about Charlotte's ultimate best-kept secret?

10. Would you like to finally close the chapter to The Reverend Curtis Black with this book or see him at least one more time?

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