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Loung Ung

Loung Ung arrived in America as a ten year-old refugee of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and is now the national spokesperson for The Campaign for a Landmine-Free World, a program of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation. She lectures extensively throughout the United States and appears regularly in the media. She is the author of the bestselling memoir First They Killed My Father, her astonishing story of surviving the Cambodian killing fields.

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Lucky Child Lucky Child
In the summer of 1980, a faith-based group in Vermont sponsored three...
First They Killed My Father First They Killed My Father
A daughter of Cambodia remembers.Until age five, Loung Ung lived in Phnom...


A Conversation with Loung Ung How much did your sister, Chou, participate in the composition of the chapters in Lucky Child that involve her experiences in Cambodia? Since our first reunion in 1995, I have returned more than 25 times to Cambodia to see Chou and my family. Over the years, Chou and I have spent many hours talking and sharing our lives with each other. Though I was the primary writer of Lucky Child, Chou gave much of her time, love, and energy to its birth. Chou was incredibly supportive, loving, and forgiving of me when I...

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