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Jane Elliott

Jane Elliott is a pseudonym. She first decided to tell her story to the police after taking inspiration from Dave Pelzer's powerful memoir, A Child Called It. She later decided to tell her own story, tracking down ghostwriter Andrew Crofts on the internet only to discover that his previous bestselling project, The Kid, told the story of a boy who was at school with her. She didn't know of his childhood abuse; he didn't know of hers. Both had become convinced they should not remain silent victims.

Author Extras
Little Prisoner Little Prisoner
Jane Elliott fell into the hands of her sadistic and brutal stepfather...
Sadie Sadie
In the chill of a winter's morning, a sweet and likeable 13-year-old girl...
Mummy's Little Girl Mummy's Little Girl
On a cold winter's night, a heavily pregnant teenage girl appears at a...